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International student service


Offshore (Asia) Limited & ChinaPay tuition service is authorized by the People's Bank of China. Study abroad payment project targets on Hong Kong, Canada, Britain and other countries and regions, by providing tuition and fees transfer service. ChinaPay intends to use its own online platform, combined with Offshore (Asia) Limited nearly 70 countries global network, to achieve convenience and cost-effectiveness.

In “Education and Society mutually benefit“ Offshore (Asia) Limited trusts, we donate brokers and agency services commission as the Offshore (Asia) Limited scholarship for the financing of contracted institutions of freshmen and poor students tuition fees Charges. It will be the main contributions to maximize the ChinaPay promotion, so that the global students can enjoy the ChinaPay brand service.

Market Segment

According to the China Abroad Study Development Report (2016), Chinese abroad students in 2016 reached more than 140 million. Tuition payment is a problem that every international student needs to solve. Considering average tuition fee per year of 20,000 US dollars, the remittance market has a great potential to explore.

Offshore (Asia) Limited is willing to grab this opportunity to form an elite market development team and a long distance collaboration. All of our team provide docking of the global institutions of resources, after the school and ChinaPay promotion, in any 2 years online payment transactions. We are sharing ChinaPay about 1/3 commission. According to a transaction forecast, 10% of the students on the ChinaPay platform will meet the requirements then we can get 10% -20% of the commissions as a business expense. In addition to withdraw part of the commission as a team member Of the bonus, a large part of which will be as a freshman scholarship.

Living Expense
OAL will verify the authenticity of each transaction to ensure that the business is in compliance with the law. At the same time, we provide convenience and cost-effective exchange services for student clients. OAL always pay attention to long-term development and honest business, so that students and parents easy to rest assured.

OAL always put customer demand in the first place. For example, strict limits on each project, sophisticated working plan and efficient implementation. Due to the pursuit of excellence, we greatly reduce the payment of tuition The time to improve the security of payment and open up a variety of cumbersome documents, so that students can focus on their studies.


Working Flow

As long as the client can provide tuition documents for the cooperative school, the tuition fee can be directly derived from the simple procedures. If a remittance order has been placed, the remittance order can be executed after the anti-money laundering program shows that the payee is certified to have a higher purchase limit of US 50,000 (up to US 200,000 / month).