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Our Profile

Established in 2014, Offshore (Asia) Limited (hereinafter referred to as OAL) specializes in providing payment solutions for E-commerce industry among Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mainland China; As a bridge between the Four Regions Across the Strait and the rest of the world, its E-commerce Service Platform (ESP) has been successfully integrated with Cross Country Payment Platform (CCPP) which is connected with thousands of networks and cooperate agents and covers many countries in different continents worldwide.

Taking the best advantage of Low tax policy of Hong Kong, OAL provides E-commerce platform users and customers with its professional and customized trading payment solutions, as well as global payment and collection services with high quality and competitive rate, meanwhile it also provides currency liquidity and payment guarantee, both online and offline bill payment collection, export tax reimbursements, government grants etc., the payment service can also be customized according to each customer's demand, such as directly transfer fund to beneficiary’s countries or regions on behalf of the payers , payment and collection process can be done within one working day, to ensure the shortest capital turnover of yours.

Aiming at "In pursuit of excellence and to win a good reputation in the industry", OAL pays more attention on risk control ever than before especially since the introduction of strategic venture capital since June 2016, and keeps sharpening its international trade payment services and advantages constantly, in order to provide a comprehensively intimate one-stop payment solution for the FCS customers with its more and more professional, efficient and personalized services, innovation and creation make perfect.

OAL has earned its reputation worldwide with its newly innovative business model and global payment networks, so far there are hundreds of financial and non-financial institutions (including several licensed cross border e-payment entities) all over the world has chosen OAL’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service as their priority of choice of strategic partner for expanding their global business. OAL is honored to be the exclusive agent of several well-known companies, placing their interest of expanding their overseas business before OAL’s  interest, we are dedicated to satisfy our clients ‘needs and experience of using online trading settlement. OAL’s goal is to gather financial and non-financial institutions in China (including Mainland China, HongKong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan) in a platform by using advanced internet technology, improves trading settlements, and spurs cross border trading, speed up trading settlement.

Being well acknowledged of the demands and supplies from the industries and the market prospects, OAL delicately lay out its business model with the view of global strategy, and combined the Big Database analysis with OAL’s experience, OAL has gained a great proportion of share market since its establishment. Apart from which, OAL is also able to customize investment products for each financial and investment institutions based on each one’s risk tolerance level, and to share the risk and return with them together. Dedication to integrity, honesty, accountability, professionalism and customer services as our core values, which has been the cornerstone of who we are, what we stand for and what we do, but most importantly are the promises to our partners and clients. We consider bettering clients’ needs and helping them to achieve their long-term business goal as a challenge, which we have always been trying out our best to accomplish with.