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Our Philosophy

Corporate culture

In the spirit of scientific development view of human-orientation, hard work and innovation, combining with its modern flat-management philosophy, our elite team  with full of vitality and creativity, which strives together with the company for success, OAL actively encourages its team to be innovative yet competent by constantly digging out the infinite potentiality and creativity of elite team, when it comes to management mechanism, OAL chooses appraisal instead of criticism while building up a flexible organizational structure.

Mission & vision

In pursuit of the excellence and commercial success with our long-term interest preference, every task preset with a time limit, every work plan prefixed with a detailed performance steps, making every business plan as feasible and practical as possible for implementing; after OffshoreTT’s launching accountability system, we always enjoys cultivating every task into a masterpiece ever since within the time scale.

Core values

OffshoreTT’s trustworthiness, reliability, quality of services with a long-term prudent development policy have generated a consistent return, we respect and well settled different commercial values of the company itself and the shareholders in a humorous way under a win-win coordinated formation.

Business philosophy

In pursuit of the excellence, we endeavor and concentrate on the well selected business scopes with our maximized tribute to professionalism, and keep accumulating and updating our knowledge from various sources. Our personnel system is based on “right job for right person” makes efficient productivity, we are growing up with a new business model and innovation plus a strong self-discipline, meanwhile, OffshoreTT will continue walking the path for resource integration and cross-sharing among our counterparts before it is too late, for a better international community.