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As the development of Internet and new technologies, there are more and more industries have been merged and connected with each other, we have officially entered the Era of E-business, the cradle of many new industries, E-service industry has been one of the new industries which enables online business model overrides the traditional manual handling business model (O2O) by adopting a series of new technologies and internet.

Our services combine both offline information analysis at the earlier stage and O2O transition at the later stage, what’s more, our system enables self-optimization in accordance with different customers’ business model and demands.

Our business are involved into two main categories: the first category which is also our traditional business model “international import and export trading services”. As OAL develops, we see there is a huge potential demand of resource sharing among e-commerce and financial service industries. We position ourselves as an intermediary for those entities who are looking for globalization with their own advantages and strengths at the minimum cost. We are capable of providing those entities with our unique and tailor-made BPO and ITO services including CCPP and its global network integration, patent technology as well as system installation and maintenances upon each entity’s requirements and needs.

Global Payment Collection Service allows worldwide e-commerce sellers to be able to collect their trading payment online or offline with no geographical or any other restrictions, that is to say, no matter where you are, no matter who are you trading with, you won’t need to worry about how and when your trading fund can be collected anymore, OAL will provide you with the ultimate payment solution to collect your trading fund worldwide with no hassle.

For those entities who have been registered as OAL’s global network members, the settlement can be done within 30 minutes, for most cases, it would only take 1 to 2 days for the fund to hit beneficiary accounts, or very few cases may be delayed a bit due to public holidays and time differences.